The power of Generative AI in your business !

ALLONIA has a new offer that allows you to put the power of generative AI to work in your business !

In 2023, to strengthen our offerings, we launched the 1st sovereign and trusted generative AI solution in collaboration with Lighton, Docaposte and NumSpot. This solution meets the requirements of all sectors, even the most sensitive : healthcare and public administrations.

Several use cases put into service by our customers

Chatbots are conversational agents that can be used by businesses. Two examples of use : a chatbot to provide quick answers to questions asked by your customers or employees !

For your employees, the advantage is that they can easily get answers to their questions without having to read all the internal documents. For your customers, getting answers to their questions in just a few clicks !

We can simplify the answers, which is very useful for formulating answers that can be understood by everyone !

ALLONIA has created a chatbot for the Ile-de-France region that uses generative AI to provide rapid answers to the questions and needs of the region’s residents. How does it work ?

ALLONIA has set up an internal chatbot for its employees on behalf of a number of clients in the private and public sectors. The aim is for employees to find answers to their questions in just a few clicks. These may be documents concerning the HR department or other departments…

Document selection :

At ALLONIA, we have customers who have implemented automatic document selection.

The aim is to find the right document or paragraph from a multitude of texts ! This facilitates the work of the teams and saves time for other tasks !

Generating content from internal documents :

Automatically generate summaries from existing documents selected in advance by AI ! The advantage : time savings for employees and, very often, summaries of higher quality than human work !

Automatic translation :

LLMs can be used to translate texts into other languages. 2 stages required : pre-processing and translation. Very effective when employees have to translate a lot of internal documents.

In 2024, OUTSCALE and ALLONIA joined forces to offer a generative AI service based on the sovereign cloud SecNumCloud 3.2 : the service enables local players to easily create inclusive chatbots based on the content of their websites !

Our added value : robust models guaranteeing optimum performance ! We offer you an unrivalled European solution, providing unprecedented industrial and commercial integration !

Antoine Couret, CEO of Allonia : “This is a major step in the creation of a European industrial generative AI offering, opening up new prospects for all organisations to be able to implement their use cases with complete confidence and in a controlled environment.”

Thank you to our customers : Business France, La Poste group, Docaposte, Open Value, Région Ile de France…

Philippe MARREC, director of the Info-Conseil department at Business France : “We decided to test Artificial Intelligence to optimise and facilitate the selection of foreign press articles and the writing of news briefs designed to inform exporting companies about foreign markets (to date, several thousand items of content are written each year by Business France teams). Allonia is supporting us in this 1st use case thanks to its AI platform and its partnership with Lighton.”