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Cookies Informations

A cookie is a small, non-executable file that simply contains text that is sent by our website or third-party websites to your computer or smartphone and stored through your browser.

Cookies cannot erase or read information from your computer or smartphone. However, filing and registering cookies can indirectly identify the user as it can detect pages visited by a user on a site and memorize your user profile. Cookies, however, are neither spyware nor viruses.

Why do we use cookies ?

Functional and technical cookies are essential to the use of the website. Disabling these cookies may have the effect of preventing the use of certain features of the site or the display of certain pages.

Analytic cookies are used to measure and analyze the use of our website to improve ergonomics.
This type of cookie requires consent from the user.
These cookies can be generated by third-party services, in which case they are considered third-party cookies.

How do you accept or refuse cookies by setting your browsing ?

Through setting up your browser, you can take a number of actions that allow you to administer cookies in order to accept or refuse to use them either globally or more accurately at any time.

You can turn off the sending of cookies by changing the settings of your Internet browser.

For other devices (smartphones, tablets, connected objects), we invite you to check your browser’s help menu.