AI is a valuable aid to mobility because it can optimize transportation systems, improve the efficiency of transportation networks and reduce costs.

Here are some examples of AI use cases in this sector :

Traffic optimization

AI can be used to optimize traffic in real time, predicting traffic conditions and adjusting traffic signals based on demand to reduce wait times and improve traffic flow.

Demand forecast

AI can be used to predict future transportation demand by analyzing historical data and taking into account external events such as weather and special events. This allows transportation companies to plan their resources more efficiently.

Facilitating travel

AI can be used to enhance the user experience by providing real-time information about transportation schedules, wait times and recommended routes. Users can also benefit from personalization services based on individual preferences.

Creation of autonomous vehicles

AI is a key component in the development of autonomous vehicles, as it allows vehicles to perceive their environment, make decisions in real time and adapt to changes in their environment.

Parking management

AI can be used to help manage parking more efficiently, providing real-time information about parking availability and helping to optimize the use of available parking space. This can help reduce traffic congestion caused by vehicles waiting to park.