With generative AI, there are several use cases

  • Internal company chat for employees
  • Internal company chat for visitors / customers / prospects
  • Document selection
  • Content generation
  • Automatic translation

Secure internal chat

Chatbots are conversational agents that can be used by companies to answer questions from their employees or customers.

  • For employees, the advantage is that they can easily get answers to their questions without having to read all the internal documents.
  • And for customers, the answers to their questions are just a few clicks away!

Selection of documents

At ALLONIA, we have customers who have implemented automatic document selection.

The aim is to find the right document or paragraph from a multitude of texts ! This facilitates the work of the teams and saves time for other tasks !

Content generation

LLMs can be used to generate content.

For example : automatically generate summaries from documents selected in advance.

Advantage : it saves time for employees and very often, the summary is of higher quality than human work !

Automatic translation

LLMs can be used to translate texts into other languages.

2 stages required : pre-processing and translation.

Very effective when employees have to translate a lot of documents in-house.